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JavaSet V1.1 Ready for download JavaSet 1.0-RC1 ready for Download


JavaSet Version 1.1 is out:

Dishwasher 26/10/2004: Javaset Version 1.1 is out, and it's filled with some neat new features and a serious bug fix (sorry bout that). Also JavaSet now runs perfectly fine under Linux check out the new snapshot on the pictures site! You can download the new version of javaset here or download the update patch here. Linux user's should download the complete version. Have fun with it and don't forget to check the readme file for all the updates.

WingCommander JavaSet Look 'N Feel available for download:

Dishwasher 18/10/2004: Javaset supports different look and feels to show this i made an extra Wing Commander themed Look 'n Feel for JavaSet you can download it from the download's page. If you want to know how you can make your own Look 'N Feel for javaset, then read the Look 'N Feel topic in the javaset help files.

JavaSet is here:

Dishwasher 18/10/2004: It has taken me some work but it's finally kindof done. JavaSet is a project I have been thinking of doing for atleast 3 years now and I finally got to it. I see it as kindof a sequal to Set Advanced, a dos game i made for myself 3-4 years ago. Well enough for the chatter the game is ready for download have fun and please tell me what you think of it. Oh btw remember that JavaSet is my interpretation of the game set, so it's not a 100% copy of the original set game! (just sow you know)

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