The DPA 330 partlist

PART        original parts  European          specs                 note
D1,2        KZ260/18V       BZX85/C18         1.3W/57mA/18V         zener diode
D3,4        KZ141           BZX79/C5/1N3996   0.4W/55mA/4.8-5.4V    low-power zener diode
D5...8      KA262           1N4148            115V/100mA/250mW      all-purpose Si diode
D9,10       KA263           1N4003..7         215V/100mA/250mW      all-purpose Si diode, FAST!
D11         KZ260/12V       BZX85/C12         1.3W/85mA/12V         zener diode
D12,13      KY132/150       1N4002..7         150V/0.8A             simply a rectifier Si diode
D14,15      KZ260/10 V      BZX85/C10         1.3W/105mA/10V        zener diode
D16...19    KY711           BYY67             300V/10A              10A Si rectifier diode
D20...27    KY132/80        1N4001..7         80V/0.8A              simply a rectifier Si diode

OA1         MAB356          LF356H                                  JFET (important) op-amp

T1...3      KC239F          BC549C            20V/50mA/0.3W         NPN - all-purpose, low noise
T4...6      KC309F          BC559C            20V/50mA/0.3W         PNP - all-purpose, low noise
T7,8        KC237V          BC546B            64V/0.1A/0.3W         NPN all-purpose, hi voltage
T9,10       KC307V          BC556B            64V/0.1A/0.3W         PNP all-purpose, hi voltage
T11,17,19   KSY71           2N2369            15V/0.2A/1W-12/18ns   NPN - switching type, fast
T12,18,20   KSY81           2N2894            12V/0.2A/1W-60/90ns   PNP all-purpose, fast
T14,15      KF469           BF469             250V/0.03A/2W         NPN - video types
T13,16      KF470           BF470             250V/0.03A/2W         PNP - video types
T21         2SD760                            200V/2A/25W/100MHz    Si-NPN NF
T22         2SB720                            200V/2A/25W/100MHz    Si-PNP NF
T23,25      2SK134                            140V/7A/100W/18ns     MOS-N-FET V-MOS-L
T24,26      2SJ49                             140V/7A/100W/25ns     MOS-P-FET V-MOS-L

C9, C10 and C15 should stand voltages higher than usual 50 V, 250 V is recommended.
This is because they have to stand the voltage sweep across the inverting gain stage,
which can be as high as full rail-to-rail voltage.

C23 and C24 must be big (> 6800 uF).

Here you can read all about the trafo and the power supply.
One more thing: I didn't figure out how the author feeds the servo op-amps in the FET amps - whether from some simple stabilizer, like two zeners + two resistors + two capacitors, or from the securing block.
These op-amps survive only +/- 18V, and they are pretty fast - so they tend to oscillate if the source's blocking is poor.

You can Email Rysanek Frantisek who sent me this info.

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