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I've also got another subject to write about: I've built new speaker sets. They contain the same speakers as Visaton VIB extra 2, only they're bigger - the volume is 250 l, as opposed to 90 l of the Visaton originals. The bassreflex is tuned to about 20 Hz. The calculated frequency response in the bass range is down by 3dB at like 20.1 Hz :) In the higher ranges, the frequency response curve is pretty flat up to 20 kHz. I think I have succesfully reached the level of distortion with my DPA380. It was a sort of a disappointment, even though it was at a volume level which I have never achieved before. The interesting point is, that I don't feel the need to boost the bass anymore, at least not the way I used to with all my previous speaker sets. If I just leave the tone controls on zero dB, the amp with the speakers sound kind of simple, but that's the way I find myself liking it. Bass tracks in light punk and grunge sound wonderful, as well as vocals, harps etc. Maybe I hear it twice as well because my former midrange speakers were crappy. But also all the booming techno stuff sounds nice, and if you still want to boost the bass, there's plenty of room to do that.

I'm just amazed that I don't notice the objectively higher volume levels, now that I'm able to achieve them. That's why I was disappointed when I met the distortion barrier again. I only notice the fade-ins and fade-outs, and I'm surprised to discover new details in silent parts of records which I've listened to many times already. Human hearing is logarithmic. If I compare the 2x160W of my DPA380 to 2x40W of an older Sony stereo, it's not _that_ much of a difference - it's just some 6 dB :) Just to be precise: the speaker sets have 8 ohms. I think that if I ever wanted to achieve a disco-like bass, I would have to build a subwoofer with far above 400 watts and add it to my current speaker sets. I don't feel the urge, though.


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