opamp    .html   About the opamp files.
audbuf   .gif    Buffered op amp circuit.
audosc   .gif    Simple wein-bridge oscillator.
cmosrcs  .gif    Misc cmos circuits with RC timing, from TCJ article.
disc-oa  .gif    Discrete op amp made with common? transistors.
micpre   .gif    Simple mic preamp based on SSM-2017 IC.
opamp-ps .gif    +/- 15V power supply for opamp0x.gif files.
opamp01  .gif    Basic non-inverting and inverting circuits.
opamp02  .gif    Differential input circuit.
opamp03  .gif    True balanced / instumentation style input circuit.
opamp04  .gif    Simple 4-input mixer stage.
reg3p01  .gif    3-terminal regulator circuits.
reg3p02  .gif    Boosted 3-terminal regulator circuit.