amphelp   .htm      Amplifier Repair.
audbuf    .gif      Buffered OP-AMP.
audiofaq  .zip      FAQ:*.
audiofor  .zip      FAQ about audio file formats.
boundry   .zip      Calculate response of your room (DOS).
boxplt13  .zip      Calculate response of speaker box, impuls
                    response etc (Win 3.1).
dolby1    .html     All about Dolby Surround Sound.
dolby1    .zip      Zipped version of dolby1.html.
filtry11  .zip      DOS filter design app. Works nice.
guitar    .htm      WWW page containing the GUITAR EFFECTS FAQ.
km241     .zip      Audio 100 W RMS amplifier.
listroom  .zip      The Listening Room helps determine suitable
                    speaker and listener positions (DOS).
loudsp30  .zip      Optimize speaker box design incl. graphs (DOS).
mic_amp   .zip      Simple Microphone Preamplifier in HTML format + gif.
mosfet    .gif      Some good-looking MOSFET amp
powerpcb  .zip      Some guidelines to making power amp PCB's.
pwramp01  .gif      10-watt single IC audio power amp.
pwramp02  .gif      20-watt single IC audio power amp.
ra-faq    .zip      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file for
riaa      .zip      RIAA correction for phono.
spkbox_d  .zip      Speaker box design / calculation Win3.1 app.
tcd15     .zip      The Crossover Designer V1.5 for doing quick and dirty
                    crossover calculations.
tonectl   .gif      Shelving tone control circuit.
vol_cont  .zip      Remote Volume Control.

Furthermore you should see a page of a friend of mine (Frantisek Rysanek)
who has some good schematics of cheap amps.

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