ed3b275*  .zip      EE Desiger III/Basic - Free EDA CAD. PCB creation,
                    including schematics editor, layout design (w/autorouting)
                    and post-processing.
ewb_demo  .exe      The EWB demo.
ewb_demo  .html     Electronics Workbench is a powerful software tool that
                    enables you to easily build and test simulated analog
                    and digital circuits. (demo only lasts 30 minutes)
fsex092   .exe      Faultsim Netlist Expander.
fsex092   .txt      Manual for fsex092.exe.
fsim310   .exe      FaultSimulation.
fsim310   .txt      Manual for fsim310.exe.
gmdlx14   .zip      Pre-compiled version of Peter Ashenden's DLX processor
                    model for the Green Mountain VHDL compiler demo
                    (see vhdldemo.htm).
gmvhdl14  .zip      Executables for the demonstration version of the Green
                    Mountain compiler/simulator (see vhdldemo.htm).
mc5demo   .zip      Micro-Cap V Working Demo Version. One of the nicest
                    analog/digital simulators I've seen. Read readme.wri
                    for limitation info.
mini450   .exe      Logic Minimization.
mini450   .txt      Manual for mini450.exe.
padstdx*  .zip      This is the PADS-Test Drive Demo/Evaluation for DOS.
                    This shareware release is a fully-functioning design
                    system with a limitation of designing with 30 parts.
                    There are no limitations on saving files, creating
                    designs, or outputting these designs for manufacture.
                    This shareware includes PADS-Logic for schematic capture
                    and PADS-Perform for PCB layout.
padswin*  .zip      DOS schematic design app. Sucks.
proteus   .zip      Proteus Demonstration.
qrfdemo   .zip      Quickroute 3.5 demo (full version) (first read qroute.html)
qrmdemo   .zip      Quickroute 3.5 demo (min version) (first read qroute.html)
qroute    .html     See this html page for downloading a Quickroute 3.5 demo.
spicew*   .zip      PSpice for Win 3.1.
vhdl_doc  .zip      VHDL FAQ (3 parts in 1 zip).
vhdldemo  .htm      HTML info file about Green Mountain VHDL Compiler v1.3
                    (files and
wave      .zip      WaveVision data evaluation Windows app (also usefull
                    without the evaluation board).
whdl025   .exe      HDL Simulator.
winresis  .zip      Windows program to calculate the best fit standard
                    0.1, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 % resistors.
xfunct21  .zip      Compute the frequency domain transfer function of
                    a circuit in symbolic format, given a circuit
                    description netlist in linear model.
zxsim13   .exe      Block Oriented System Simulator.
zxsim13   .txt      Manual for zxsim13.exe.

fsex092.exe, fsim310.exe, mini450.exe, whdl025.exe and zxsim13.exe are
mirrored from

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