Electronics Workbench® Demo Instructions

Click here (with you right mouse button!) to download the demo from ftp://ftp.interactiv.com/pub/interactiv/demo.exe

or from here (with you right mouse button!).
This demo is 2.2MB in size.

        Installing the Demo

        The demo must be installed on your hard disk, following these

        1. Turn on your system and start Windows.

        2. The file DEMO.EXE is a self-extracting archive. Copy this
           file to a temporary directory. From the DOS prompt type DEMO
           and press enter. This will extract the files into your
           temporary directory.

        3. From the Program Manager's File menu in Windows, choose Run.
           Or, from the Start button in Windows 95, choose Run.

        4. In the Command-Line box, type the above drive and directory name
           followed by SETUP. For example,


           and choose OK or press ENTER.

        5. Follow the directions on the display. The Electronics Workbench
           demo will be placed in a directory called EWBDEMO in the root
           directory of drive C, unless you specify a different drive or

        Running the Demo

        1. If Windows is not running, start it by typing WIN at the DOS
           command-line prompt. If the Program Manager window isn't
           displayed, double-click its icon.

        2. If the Electronics Workbench group window is not open,
           double-click its icon.

        There are two parts to the demo: a slideshow introduction and a
        working version for you to try out.

        To run the introduction, double-click the Slideshow icon. You
        will be shown a recording, which demonstrates some of the main
        features of Electronics Workbench 4.0.

        To try out Electronics Workbench 4.1, double-click the Electronics
        Workbench icon. There are some prebuilt circuits that you can
        load from the File menu, or try building your own circuit.
        But remember it only lasts for 30 minutes.

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