Download a FREE Demo

Why not give Quickroute 3.5 a try? Download our free demo by clicking on one of the disk icons below. The demos have all the features of Quickroute 3.5 PRO+ except that you can not save a design. In addition only the file DEMO.PCB can be printed.

There are two versions of the demo, the first includes plenty of libraries, demo files and on-line help. The second demo has the minimum of files to allow you to run Quickroute 3.5. Note that no on-line help is included with the minimum demo and that the full set of libraries is NOT included.

If your modem is fast enough we recommend that you download the full demonstration. To use the demo, unzip the demo file onto a floppy disk or a directory on your harddisk. Then run the program 'setup.exe' to install the Quickroute 3.5 demo.

The full demo (1.1M). The minimum demo (500K).

Copyright (C) 1996 by Quickroute Systems Limited, Stockport, U.K.