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A list which points you directly to the right places if you're looking for on-line techdocs, datasheets, and other component info

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This page has been looked at times since 2 April 1997.

Last update : 3 December 1998

For the most of the technical documents the Adobe fileformat .pdf seems to have become a standard. If you don't have a viewer yet, you can download one here.

Actel "Technical Information"
Altera "Product Information" / "FTP site"
Advanced Micro Devices "AMD Products Directory"
Analog Devices "Analog Products"
ATMEL "ATMEL Products Page"
Benchmarq "Data Book - Table of Contents"
Burr-Brown "Burr-Brown Products"
Chipdir "Chip dir"
Cirrus Logic "Products & Technologies"
Corcom "Corcom Catalog"
Cypress "Cypress Products"
Dallas Semiconductor Corp "Dallas Semiconductor Corp: Data Sheets and App Notes"
GIICM "Search Form" / "Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner" / "Chipdir GIICM"
Grayhill "Grayhill Products"
Harris "Product Information"
Hitachi "Technology & Products - Main Search Page"
Integrated Device Technology "Document Library"
Intel "Intel: Developer Products"
Keystone "Standard Products"
Lattice "Lattice Semiconductor Corporation - Product Information"
Maxim "Maxim Home Page"
Microchip Technology "Microchip Datasheets Submenu"
Micron "Micron Technology, Inc. - Data Sheets"
Mitel "Mitel Products & Services"
Mitsubishi "Mitsubishi Semiconductor Site - Products"
Molex "Molex Products: Electronic, electrical and fiber optic connectors, ribbon cable, switches & application tooling Interconnects"
Motorola "Motorola Semiconductor Products" / "FTP site"
National Semiconductor "National Semiconductor Products Catalog"
NEC "NEC Electronic Device Products Information"
OKI "Oki Semiconductor"
Panasonic "Industrial Products"
Panduit "Panduit Selection Guides"
Pericom "Pericom Semiconductor Product Families"
Philips "Philips Semiconductors; Search & Find"
Siemens "Siemens Microelectronics Home"
Symbios (formerly NCR) "Symbios, Inc. Semiconductors"
Tadiran "Lithium Battery"
Temic "Vishay - Siliconix - Telefunken Semiconductors Homepage"
Texas Instruments "TI Semiconductors Home Page"
Xicor "Xicor, Inc."
Xilinx "Xilinx Product Information"
Zilog "Zilog, Inc. - Technical Product Information"

Also see : for product change notices, obsolescence, end-of-life, and application notes. if you're looking for passive components. if you're looking for active components. if you're looking for CPU's.

or : for links to the homepages of almost any hardware manufactory (with logo's) you can think of !!