1mbx4dip  .txt     Pin-out of a standard 1Mb x 4 DIP RAM.
adc0809c  .zip     Info about the AD-convertor ADC0809c.
battery   .html    SCI.ELECTRONICS FAQ - Better Use Of Batteries V1.00.
chipmaker .txt     Listing of chip maker websites (11/21/1995).
componen  .html    WE-MAN!'s on-line techdocs list.
diodefaq  .html    The Unusual Diode FAQ.
epromnfo  .zip     List with many EPROM types including programming voltages.
fchips    .html    Filip Gieszczykiewicz's Pinouts for Various Common Chips and Hybrids:
                     LAxxxx, LMxxxx, STKxxxx, TAxxxx, TDAxxxx, ULNxxxx and more.
fchips    .zip     Zipped version.
fobs_ic   .html    Filip Gieszczykiewicz's Obsolete IC Sources.
fobs_ic   .zip     Zipped version.
fpinouts  .html    Filip Gieszczykiewicz's Pinouts for various connectors in Real Life(tm).
                     fpinout1.html      part 1
                     fpinout2.html      part 2
                     fpinout3.html      part 3
fpinouts  .zip     Zipped version of all 4 files.
fsmdtran  .html    Filip Gieszczykiewicz's Surface Mount (SMD) Transistors/Diode FAQ.
fsmdtran  .zip     Zipped version.
fvcrhybr  .html    Filip Gieszczykiewicz's VCR Power Supply Hybrid Regulators.
fvcrhybr  .zip     Zipped version.
giicm     .zip  !  The Giant Internet IC Masturbator. Text-file with many chips.
ic_8259   .zip     Info about the 8259 PC interrupt controller.
lcd_dec   .zip     LCD module whit HD44780 - HD44100H function.
lcd_faq   .html    WWW-page containing the LCD FAQ.
lcd_faq   .zip     LCD MODULE FAQ.
lcdmenu   .html    LCD menu (links to LCD pages).
pc_cpus   .zip     Chipist with all (?) types of Intel (-clone) CPU's.
scr50     .zip  !  Database app with transistors, diodes and IC's. Keep a copy of ref.dbf
                   because after 30 days it doesn't work anymore. Just replace the ref.dbf
                   that you kept a copy of.
spec6     .zip  !  Motorola components database (MSDOS).
tor_code  .zip     Info about letters and numbering of transistors.

For standard PC components see the el/pc directory.