/6502              6502.
/68xxx             68xx, 68xxx.
      /68hc11      68 HC 11.
      /m68kfaq     The 68 K FAQ in HTML format.
/80x86             80x86.
/80xx              80xx.
/87xx              87xx.
/more              Other stuff or crosscompilers that fit in more than one
                   other directory.
      /umps        Win3.1 + 95 simulator from Virtual Micro Design for
                   many micro's.
/pic               PIC's.
      /source      PIC source code related.
/xx80              xx80.

microcon  .zip  !  Tabular crossreference, intended to serve as a quick lookup
                   for a microcontroller that might have desired features for
                   a particular  application.
microfaq  .zip     Microcontroller-faq/primer.
xgcchc11  .zip     Very good assembler-linker for 6800, 6801, 6804, 6805,
                   6809, 6811, 8085, Z80/HD64180.

Another page with lots o'links to manufacturers is at !