/umps               Win3.1 + 95 simulator from Virtual Micro Design for
                    many micro's.

techspec  .htm      Overview of popular Intel CPU's.
assemblr  .zip      Generic 6502/6803/8085 assembler.
atar2600  .zip      Tutorial for programming the Atari 2600.
mcu_faq   .zip      FAQ for microcontrollers. Quite good.
pde115    .zip      Clearview version 1.15 (developers shell for Windows).
ps18a12   .zip      RCA 1802/1804/1805/1806 cross assembler.
tasm301   .zip      Table-driven cross assembler, for many CPUs.
xasm220   .zip      Twelve cross assemblers (65xx, 68xx, 80xx).
uasm      .zip      Cross assembler for 8051/6805/Z8, with 'C' source.
z80-303   .zip      Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator 'Z80' v3.03.
z80_6800  .zip      ASxxxx  assemblers (series of microprocessor assemblers.
                    written in the C programming language).