/source             PIC sources, development and Stamp stuff.

84pgm     .zip      Nigel Goodwin's programmer S/W (includes disassembler).
aspic     .zip      Unregistered version of Don Lekei's Assembler for the PIC.
digscope  .zip      Simple 4-channel digital scope using a regular analog
disasm    .zip      A disassembler for the PIC.
dtmf_pic  .zip      Keypad tone generator with wakeup on keypress for PIC16C56.
fastpic1  .zip      16CXX printer port PIC programmer by By Ken Segler.
fastpic2  .zip      PIC84PGM is software for programming the MicroChip PIC16C84
                    microcontroller using serial programmers by Nigel Goodwin.
multi     .zip      Multiplexing 30 I/O lines.
p16pr122  .zip      Shareware multi-PIC programmer.
pgm16c54  .zip      The Programming Algorithm for the Microchip PIC 16C54.
pgm16cxx  .zip      Programs many PICs using PIC84PGM H/W.
pic84pgm  .zip      Simple PIC16C84 programmer using PC Parallel Port (=old)
pic84faq  .zip      Frequently Asked Questions About PIC84PGM.ZIP.
pic84nws  .zip      Collection of some newsarticles about the PIC '84.
pic84pcb  .zip      PCB Patterns and Schematics for PIC16C84 Programmer
piq_faq   .html     PIC Frequently Asked Questions.
piq_faq   .zip      Zipped piq_faq.html.
pic_lib   .zip      OrCad 3 (also 4?) .LIB files for some PIC's.
pic_lib2  .zip      OrCad libraries for various pic processors in three
                    formats: Capture (Windows), SDT386+ and SDT IV (ver. 4).
pic_lib3  .zip      Description of supported types in
pic_lib3  .zip      Newer version of (for OrCad Capture (Windows
                    version), OrCad SDT IV (old DOS) and
                    OrCad 386+ (DOS with a shell)
pic_nfo   .zip      News article about PIC's.
pic_prog  .zip      A PIC programmer.
picapps   .zip      PIC 16CXX application notes (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).
picbust   .html     Read program and data memory of a PIC16C84 after the
                    config fuses have been set to code protection on.
picbust   .zip      See picbust.html.
picdata   .zip      Mini PIC data sheets; '5X, '64, '71, & '84
                    (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).

pichelp   .zip      On screen PIC help for DOS.
picmac10  .zip      PIC 16C84 Programmer for the LPT-port.
picprog   .zip      Serial Mode PIC 16C84 Programmer version.
picdis    .zip      Simple PIC16C84 Disassembler.
pp65      .zip      24C/LC65 programmer.
pp87      .zip      16C84/16C71 programmer (inc PCB).

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