asm12000  .zip  !   MPASM Universal PIC Assembler Version 1.20 for the
                    PIC16C5X, PIC16CXX and PIC17CXX families (see also
           and below).
basic1_2  .zip      Summary of BASIC instructions for BASIC Stamp I and II.
bcd_src   .zip      BCD math routines.
bs_apps   .zip      Parallax BASIC Stamp applications notes, code only.
cables    .zip      BASIC Stamp I and II cable descriptions.
debug     .zip      Explain debug for Downloader.
des_pic   .zip      Description of DES algorithm.
digitemp  .zip      Digital thermometer programs for the BASIC Stamp.
i2c       .zip      I2C source code.
ir        .zip      Stamp program to receive infrared remote signals.
lcddemos  .zip      Stamp/LCD demonstration programs and tutorial.
lepic001  .zip      16C84 program by lpt.
longjmp   .zip      guidelines for long/jmp/call/set lookup.
math      .zip      Multiply and divide routines.
mc2parlx  .zip      Embeds PARALLAX Device Info into Microchip Assembler OBJs.
morse     .zip      Morse routine.
mpc       .zip      Byte Craft C compiler demo.
newpic    .zip      Parallax's assembler listing.
noise     .zip      Noise / random number generator.
par2pic   .zip      Using parallax asm w/microchip emulator.
pasmobj   .zip      PASM's and PASMX's .OBJ files setup data definition.
pic_apps  .zip      The source code of all the Parallax PIC application notes.
pic_c     .zip      PIC C compiler.
pic_disk  .zip      This is an exact duplicate of the pic16cxx tools disk.
pic_lite  .zip      Just pep/x, pasm/x & psim exe's, less fat, same great taste.
picpgm    .zip      PIC assembler, simulator, & programmer chapters from manual
                    (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).
picsrc12  .zip      Disassembler, obj into micro or Parallax src.
pma14000  .zip      Picmaster Software Version 1.4.
posit     .zip      POSIT Version 1.00 - source codes of multitasking OS for
                    PIC microcontroller
pre       .zip      ROM I software.
prem      .zip      ROM II software.
pro22000  .zip      Pro Mate Software Version 2.04.
prog84    .zip      Windows program to download object code to Microchip's
prog84p   .zip      PS file describing a programmer for the
pshpop71  .zip      Saving registers when interrupt vectoring.
qbterm    .zip      QBasic terminal program for Stamp experiments.
readwrit  .zip      pic16c84 read/write memory test code.
rom       .zip      ROM1 EEPROM Emulator software.
rs232     .zip      Some RS232 BASIC code.
sample71  .zip      71 start up code, RESET use, 71 example.
sercomm   .zip      A useful utility to communicate serially for PC to Project
stamp     .zip      BASIC Stamp software V1.6 W/BSLOAD.
stamp2    .zip      BASIC Stamp II preliminary manual and editor software.
stamp_os  .zip      Operating system based onto PBASIC Stamp chip.
stampapp  .zip      Parallax BASIC Stamp application notes
                    (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).
stampbk1  .zip      BASIC Stamp manual part 1 (hookup, editor, etc.)
                    (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).
stampbk2  .zip      BASIC Stamp manual part 2 (BASIC instructions)
                    (use /filetool/pdfwin.exe).
step2     .zip      Simple 4 phase stepper motor driver.
step4     .zip      Faster stepper motor driver using lookup.
stepdemo  .zip      Easy-to-use stepper motor control routines.
stmpsiz2  .zip      Utility that analyzes and displays Stamp EEPROM usage.
talk      .zip      PIC to PC, 1 pin (PC and PIC code).
test      .zip      PIC16C71 assembler example file.
timing    .zip      Precision Timing Loops for PIC16C5x/PIC16C71.
trom      .zip      TurboROM, asm driver, special TROM version for fast '010.

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[   ]test.zip21-Aug-1995 19:27 2.5K 
[   ]qbterm.zip21-Aug-1995 14:40 3.0K 
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[   ]longjmp.zip25-Aug-1995 21:34 3.1K 
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[TXT]HEADER.html25-Feb-1998 19:30 4.0K 
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[   ]timing.zip25-Aug-1995 22:06 6.2K 
[   ]talk.zip21-Aug-1995 14:34 6.2K 
[   ]lcddemos.zip21-Aug-1995 14:40 6.8K 
[   ]stmpsiz2.zip21-Aug-1995 14:40 10K 
[   ]mc2parlx.zip21-Aug-1995 04:19 11K 
[   ]picsrc12.zip21-Aug-1995 04:20 13K 
[   ]pic_c.zip23-Jul-1995 20:01 14K 
[   ]sercomm.zip21-Aug-1995 14:51 19K 
[   ]pic_apps.zip21-Aug-1995 14:33 23K 
[   ]lepic001.zip21-Aug-1995 14:51 25K 
[   ]stamp2.zip21-Aug-1995 04:15 27K 
[   ]trom.zip21-Aug-1995 04:16 36K 
[   ]bs_apps.zip21-Aug-1995 14:40 55K 
[   ]stampbk1.zip21-Aug-1995 21:17 58K 
[   ]stamp.zip21-Aug-1995 04:15 83K 
[   ]pic_lite.zip21-Aug-1995 04:14 86K 
[   ]stampbk2.zip21-Aug-1995 21:17 97K 
[   ]rom.zip21-Aug-1995 04:16 124K 
[   ]prog84p.zip23-Sep-1995 15:58 130K 
[   ]pro22000.zip21-Aug-1995 04:08 178K 
[   ]mpc.zip21-Aug-1995 04:20 233K 
[   ]prog84.zip12-Sep-1995 19:57 307K 
[   ]stampapp.zip21-Aug-1995 21:14 464K 
[   ]asm12000.zip21-Aug-1995 04:08 476K 
[   ]pic_disk.zip21-Aug-1995 04:16 570K 
[   ]picpgm.zip21-Aug-1995 21:12 746K 
[   ]pma14000.zip21-Aug-1995 04:09 839K 

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