/text_cir           Contains many circuits in text-format on WWW-pages.

1brenner  .zip      EPROM programmer for lpt port for 2732 to 27512 (german language :-(
achhfaq   .zip      alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt FAQ.
acronyms  .htm      Table of Acronyms, containing many technical words and
archiver  .htm      Archivers/Compressors/Squeezers info.
cardread  .htm      Magnetic Stripe Card Info.
d_design  .htm      Digital System Design Guidelines.
hwfaq     .zip      Zipped hwfaq1.htm - hwfaq5.htm.
hwfaq1    .htm      Hardware FAQ Part 1
hwfaq2    .htm      Hardware FAQ Part 2
hwfaq3    .htm      Hardware FAQ Part 3
hwfaq4    .htm      Hardware FAQ Part 4
hwfaq5    .htm      Hardware FAQ Part 5
bh_spec   .zip      BinHex specs and how to convert between binary and BinHex.
computer  .zip      A list with EVERY DIGITAL COMPUTER TYPE EVER MADE.
countrys  .zip      Text file containg all countries with abbreviations and
                    network domains.
dc-77     .zip      Newsarticle about DCF-77.
endian    .zip      Little and Big endian.
eprom-emu .zip      Centronics programmable EPROM emulator with SRAM and battery.
ethernet  .zip      Ethernet FAQ.
gif_spec  .zip      GIF87a and GIF89a specs.
hexutils  .zip      3 utilities that may be useful in dealing with Intel
                    hex format data files.
intelhex  .zip      Info and conversion for the Intel HEX format to binary.
intl_hex  .htm      Some notes on Intel hex format in HTML format.
laserdio  .zip      Newsarticle about laserdiodes.
lcd_faq   .htm      The LCD FAQ.
lcd_faq   .zip      Zipped lcd_faq.htm.
litening  .pdf      A lightning detector.
many_nws  .zip  !   The files in this archive came from
                    Check it for the newest version. They are a WIDE collection of
                    news articles about AUDIO, TUBES and misc stuff.
nicadfaq  .zip      NICAD FAQ.
nl_data   .zip      DBase file containing all dutch cities, phone netnumbers (incl. the
                    new ones :-) and more.
n_shape   .zip      The application of dithering and noise-shaping to digital audio.
oversamp  .zip      Aspects of sampling, oversampling, quantisation, dither and
                    noise-shaping, as applied to digital audio.
pdp_stuf  .zip      From
                    Check it for the newest version. Contains various FAQ's,
                    newsarticles and other PDP-8 and PDP-11 stuff.
slave     .zip      Photo flashlight slave.
spim      .zip      SPIM S20 is a simulator that runs programs for the MIPS R2000/R3000
                    RISC computers.
stepper1  .zip      Info about controlling stepper motors.
stepper2  .zip      Controlling steppers from a printerport using the UCN5804B
                    controller IC from Allegro.
stepper3  .zip      Connecting steppers from old floppy drives to your printer port.
token     .zip      MSDOS app that graphically demonstrates the working of all kind of
                    token ring configurations.
vt100     .zip      VT100 terminal codes.
wiring    .zip      Electrical Wiring FAQ.