Digital System Design Guidelines

By: Tony Goodloe (

Synchronous Design Practices

(from CMOS/TTL Digital Systems Design, James Buchanan)

Power Distribution

(from CMOS/TTL Digital Systems Design, James Buchanan)




PCB Design Flow

Hardware Designer's Library

  "Printed Circuits Design", Gerald Ginsberg,
  	McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-023309-8
  	A pretty good discussion of many aspects of PCB
  	design and manufacture
  "Computation Structures", Stephen Ward and Robert H. Halstead Jr.,
  	MIT Press, ISBN 0-07-068147-3 (McGraw  Hill), 0-262-23139-5 (MIT)
  	Introductory digital design/computer architecture
  "CMOS/TTL Digital Systems Design", James Buchanan,
  	McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 
  	ISBN 0-07-008711-3, 1990
  	More advanced, real-world system design text
  "The Art of Electronics", second edition, Horowitz and Hill,
  	Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0-521-37095-7, 1989
  	Introductory electronics
  "High-Speed Digital Design - A Handbook of Black Magic", Howard
  	W. Johnson and Martin Graham, Prentice Hall,
  	ISBN 0-13-395724-1, 1993
  	Lots of physical effects, how to measure, reduce, 
  	and calculate

Stuff to Keep in Mind

Application Notes

  "Applications Handbook", Cypress Semiconductor, 1989
  "MECL System Design Handbook", Motorola Semiconductor, 1988
  	Not just for ECL designers!

Books I've had recommended but haven't read

  "Digital Printed Circuit Design and Drafting", Daryl Lindsey
  	available through Fine Line Printing, 800/560-8400.

Hardware Designer's Library of Books about Software

  "Operating Systems, Design and Implementation", Tannenbaum
  "The Art of Computer Programming", Knuth
  "The C Programming Language, Second Edition", Kernigan and Ritchie
  "The Standard C Library", Plauger


  CMOS/TTL Digital Systems Design, James Buchanan
  Applications Handbook, Cypress Semiconductor
  Murrietta Circuits Design Layout Standards
  	Murrietta Circuits
  	Anaheim CA