beerbuzz  .zip       Very handy for student flats. Gives alarm after taking
                     beer out of the fridge wihout putting a score on the
                     beer scoring list. See Calslaan 3-1's Beerbuzzer WWW
                     Page at
epromemu  .gif       GIF (212 Kb, 4800 x 4000 x 2 pixels) of my EPROM
                     emulator circuit, for those who can't view the
                     postscript, CorelDraw! 5.0 or OrCad 3 schematic file
                     within the file.
epromemu  .jpg       A picture of my programmer.
epromemu  .zip       EPROM emulator for 2732 / 2764 for PC's.
                     See also el/misc/ (not my design).

If you're looking for an LPT 27256/27512 emulator you should download from the /misc section.
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