ata       .zip     ATA/ATA-1/ATA-2/IDE/EIDE/etc FAQ.
ata_faq   .zip     Yet Another Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ.
bios      .zip     BIOS Types, CHS Translation, LBA and Other Good Stuff.
chs       .zip     How It Works -- CHS Translation plus BIOS Types, LBA
                   and Other Good Stuff.
hd_sites  .zip     Links to many harddisk related sites.
hdtech    .zip     Provides the fundamental knowledge of concepts and
                   terminology that is necessary to deal with the
                   complexities of hard disk subsystems.
ide-info  .zip     Program that gives you detailed info about your HD.
ide-tech  .htm     IDE - Hardware Reference & Information Document.
interlea  .zip     Question and answer about hard disk interleave factors.
minieide  .zip     EIDE/MIO Mini FAQ.
rll       .zip     Info about RLL and MFM harddisks.
s_ata     .zip     Seagate PDF document about ATA.
s_fata    .zip     Seagate PDF document about Fast ATA.
s_scsi    .zip     Seagate PDF document about SCSI2 and SCSI3.
scsi-faq  .zip     SCSI FAQ.

PC-DISK at is a VERY usefull site about jumpersettings and layouts! Disks from 3MB to 36,400MB! Utilities, FAQs and Links!
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