/callerid         Contains some caller-id info and WWW pages.
/hack_cd          Contains 4 versions of PTT telephone CD hacking apps (dutch).
/new_nums         Contains some conversion from dutch telephone numbers to the new numbers
                  util and info.

008trick    .zip     Calling another 008 location than yours (dutch).
babbel      .zip     Free phone chatting (dutch)?
dtmf        .htm     WWW -page containing the DTMF FAQ.
dtmf        .zip     Zipped dtmf.htm.
faq4phon    .zip     Some small phone FAQ.
pc2phone    .zip     News article about connecting a PC (Soundblaster) to a phone line.
phn_card    .zip     Info about phone cards.
phon_use    .zip     Text file describing how to build a phone-in-use indicator.
voicemail   .zip     LED indicating that there has been an incoming call.

Also see the /misc/text_cir/f_asci4.htm WWW-page !