/i2c              Info and apps for the I2C bus.
/pc               Info about many PC ports.

asyam     .zip    Async Tools for the Async Minded (source codes).
ethercod  .zip    Ethernet ID codes.
macnubus  .zip    Newsarticle about the MAC NUBUS.
midi2sb1  .zip    Some circuit for connecting a midi port to a soundblaster.
midi2sb2  .zip    A cheap MIDI connector box for the Sound Blaster card v1.2.
scart     .zip    Scart info.
vmebus    .html   Computer-arch/bus/vmebus-faq from comp.arch.bus.vmebus.
vmebus    .zip    Zipped vmebus.html.

On the The Hardware Book pages (local mirror at WE-MAN!'s) there's really
a lot more info about all kinds of connectors, cables and adapters.

Or see /pc/hd-info for harddisk ports.

Visit for IEEE (HPIB or GPIB) links.
Looking for pinouts?

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