color     .zip      Pin Assignment for the IBM Color Graphics Adapter.
floppy    .zip      Floppy disc connection High Density (Shugart).
gameport  .zip      3 text files about using the gameport.
harddisk  .zip      RLL/MFM bus pin-out.
ibmcom    .zip      Summary on serial communication using the TTY protocol.
ibmkeybd  .zip      IBM keyboard info and FAQ.
ibmlpt    .zip      Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port (FAQ's).
ibmports  .zip      Port Map of the IBM PC for external I/O using homebrew
                    plug in cards.
isabus    .zip      ISA bus pin-out.
joystick  .zip      Joystick interfaces and projests.
krislpt   .zip      PC Parallel Port Mini-FAQ.
mono      .zip      Pin Assignment for IBM Monochrome Interface.
par_port  .zip      Some C source codes for accessing the IBM LPT port.
para-prt  .htm      Info about the parallel port.
parallel  .zip      Pin Assignment for Parallel Port.
pci_faq   .zip      PCI bus FAQ.
pcipins   .zip      PCI bus pin-out.
pport094  .zip      Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port.
pportbid  .zip      Parallel Ports - make them bi-directional.
pportexp  .zip      Provides 16 TTL-compatible i/o lines which are
                    programmable in 4 groups of 4 bits on the LPT port.
rs232gid  .zip      A Practical Guide to RS-232 Interfacing.
ser_adc   .zip      Serial Port A/D-converter.
ser_mous  .zip      Info about the serial protocol of mouses.
serial    .zip      Pin Assignment for the Serial Port (RS-232C).
serialpc  .zip      FAQ on serial communications using the TTY protocol.
uart_lib  .zip      Set of functions for use with your own code to make UART
                    programming (I/O to the serial ports) simpler.
utp_pc    .zip      Interface two UTP EtherNet equipped PC's.
utppins   .zip      UTP pin-out.
vga       .zip      VGA monitor pin-out.
win_com   .zip      MS-Windows COM and Ns16550A UART FAQ.

On the The Hardware Book pages (local mirror at WE-MAN!'s) there's really
a lot more info about all kinds of connectors, cables and adapters.

Also see the /stefan/el/pc/ad_da section for AD / DA convertors on the LPT port.
Looking for pinouts?

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