/rf-vibe          RF-signal (or bug) detector.

bug       .zip    A 3m (100 MHz) small bug (transmitter)
faxif     .zip    Connect two standard office telefax machines via 2 meter
                  ham radio (at 2400 bps).
fm-tran1  .zip    Some 3m fm transmitter.
fm-tran2  .zip    Another one (vague).
fm-tran3  .zip    Another, including some more info.
freqlist  .zip    Shuttle support frequencies.
jpolew    .zip    Some vague Windows antenna calculation app.
nasafreq  .zip    List of NASA radio frequencies.
rascal10  .zip    Antenna design and analysis using GUI.
rc_prim   .htm    Radio Interference Primer for R/C Flyers.
rc_prim   .zip    Zipped rc_prim.htm.
rc_radio  .htm    Radio components & interference primer.
rc_radio  .zip    Zipped rc_radio.htm.