/canalplus        Description of how to modify a Luxscript decoder to a
                  Canal + (Dutch Filmnet) decoder. Only video, no audio.
                  Page is Dutch and is 323 Kbytes.

/tv-video/sat_tv  is gone. This is why.

dram_ccd .zip     DRAM used as camera.
filmnet  .zip     REMOVED. Don't email me about it anymore, I will NOT send
                  it to you by mail. This file doesn't work anymore and is
fn_info  .zip     Some docs about the new Film Net encoding and decoding.
macrovis .zip     Info about the MacroVision video copy-protection system.
Testbld  .zip	  PAL test-screen (BMP format) as used in the Netherlands.
tvirspec .zip     Info about making your own PC remote control (including
                  asm sources for 8052).
videoref .zip  !  Ntscref.hlp Windows file from ItWorks. Contains very
                  usefull technical data, testsignals, measurements etc.
                  of all kinds of video standards like NTSC, PAL, RGB,
                  RS170, SECAM etc.

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