Tips & Tweaks on budget HIFI equipment

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Calculate a stepped attenuator with Java

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last update : april-1999

counting since : 7-2-1998

Most tips came from own experience, the web and a Dutch audio magazine : Audio & Techniek at Rotterdam.


Budget products have one serious problem, they have to be cheap, so extremely cheap components are used everywere to create some margin. Using high grade components will increase the price substantially. So buying cheap stuff means buying cheap components. You could blame the manufacturers but you could blame yourself too for not buying decent stuff.

But you are lucky : On this page you can find some tweaks and tips to get more fidelity out of your (budget) audio equipment.

  • Warning :

  • Most tips on this page are about (small) modifications on the inside of your equipment : warranty terms are certainly violated !

    Be very cautious if you are thinking tweaking expensive stuff. Most hi-end producers offer already a balanced mix of components. You probably make it worse !

    If you like to talk to me or want to discus something : please go ahead.

    Not everybody agrees that the presented modifications work. Especially if you think like many electro engineers : claiming that most tweaks presented here do not result in measurable changes. On the contrary : I have received lots of mail of people who are very pleased with the result they get with the mods on these pages. So their must be more than distortion analysers, frequency sweeps and whatever.

    Try to answer this one : Would you prefer a 0.001 % THD amp or a good sounding amp?

    My statement is : Objectivism becomes subjectivism if you believe measurements prove a good sound quality

    If you are interested in audio in a more objectivism way ?

    Very usefull discusion,if you want a high spec measurement amplifier but if you stick to it : You certainley are going to miss something.

    Now, the mod's :

    CD-player mod's

    italian (brief) version

    Speaker stuff!

    alse a good site fro a lot of tweaks also in English

    Cable stuff


    I'am putting a Linsley Hood single ended transistor amplifier. This 30 year old design gives nice reults, interested ? check this link

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