Stepped Attenuater

last update : 13-11-1998

counting since : 13-11-1998

A stepped attenuator can be a big improvement compared to a cheap pot. Use the Java applet to calculate the resitor values. Simply fill in the desired total impedance, maximum level, minimum level, number of steps.

schematic :

Schematic S.A.

remember : With a 2 * 12 switch and using one position for off gives 2*11 steps.

Inspired after reading the DIY supplement of HI-FI World december 1998

With your mouse you can select the calculated values, with the key stroke Ctrl-C you can copy the values to the copy/paste buffer.

Don't try to find the exact values, just pick the closest value from the E24 range.

Have fun !!

and come back in a few weeks for improved version

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