Archery articles

The following is a selection of articles we got permission for to put on the Net. Hopefully it will grow as times passes. If you would like to have your article on archery included, please let us know.

Articles from the Journal of the Society of Archer-Antiquaries

* The Compound Bow
Twenty-five years after Allen's patent of December 1969. The history of the development of the well known bow and a little more.
* Observations on the returning arrow
This works, Marcelo tried it himself!
* Steel bows from India
High tech from a long time ago.
* Archery and Mathematical Modelling
Enough to keep you busy for a while! Covers the modelling of recurve bows.
* Oriental Hinged and Take-apart Bows
And you thought the recurve take-down bow was modern?
* On the Mechanics of some Replica Bows
A further investigation on the modelling of bows.
* The Medieval English Longbow
Characteristics and origin. An article about the early longbows and how they came to England.
* Ballistic Properties in Ancient Egyptian Arrows
A piece on arrow spine by a non-engineer
* Turkish Flight Arrows
The arrows the Turks used to achieve incredible long distance shots
* Whistling arrows
The history of the noise making arrow.
* The Decline of the Longbow
The downfall of the English longbow.
* Ancient Composite bows
An article about an Assyrian bow found in Egypt.
* Some Speculations on the nature of Longbowstrings
What were old strings made of?
* Further Speculations on the nature of Longbowstrings.
Some additional notes about longbowstrings
* North American Sioux Indian Archery
About the bows of Native Americans.

* A Bibliography of Archery
Not in the Journal, but by one of the members. A list of books and other publications dealing with archery history.
* Glossary of archery terms.
Less common archery terms explained.

Other articles

* Some archery physics
A long article by one of our members dealing with the mathematics of arrow flight.
* The measurement of arrow velocities in the students' lab
An article from the European Journal of Physics
* The sling and the bow hand
This article deals with the use of the sling and bow hand placement. It covers the basics and has hints that might be useful to more experienced archers.
* Extracts from Usenet
These extracts are taken from discussions in alt.archery and archery.
* Archery Frequently Asked Questions
All the Archery FAQs together.
* 10 Basic steps in Archery
A step-by-step instruction for the execution of the shot.
* Selftest for 3D and field archery
This test helps you to find your weak-spots in preparations for tournaments.
* Joe Tapley's Arrow Flight Simulator
This is a piece of software (free to download) with some documentation on arrow flight simulation.
* NEW! Archers Reference
A very complete guide to archery in PDF. The author/editor is Murray Elliot


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