7. Though the F.l.T.A. president, James L. Easton, stated in the spring of 1994 that " there is no current talk of adding compounds to the Olympics", it is quite probable that the International Olympic committee will eventually bow to pressure to include a compoundbow division on the Archery field (always provided that the pressure is tactfully and gently applied!)

A suggestion is now made to the younger generation of Archer Antiquarians wishing to make the own slice of Archery History:

First, study the history of the arrow-shooting and stone-throwing catapults: then, take the following ingredients:

Two compressed-air cylinders, a pressure pump, a small-bore tube. a handle riser, two short recurved bow limbs, and a string.


Conceal a cylinder in each end of the riser, with an 'extension' to press on the heel of the bow limb. Connect the cylinders by the small-bore tube running through the handle riser, to synchronise the action. Connect the bow tips with the string. Brace the bow by using the pressure pump and a new OLYMPIC bow is born! (Ctesibus is already giving a hopeful wriggle in his tomb!)