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The aim of the Society is to further the study of the development of the bow and arrow in all parts of the world from prehistoric times to the present day and also matters relating to the history of archery in general.
The society a non-profit organisation and is recognised as a learned society by the British Council.

All paid-up members receive our Journal, published in the last quarter of each year, Newsletters and other related notices. Visits have been arranged to places of interest, both within UK and Europe.

Articles, all illustrated, appearing in past issues of the Journal include:

Tudor Longbows
Amerindian Bows
Japanese Archery
Persian Archery
Prehistoric Archery
Thumb Rings
Medieval Arrowheads

A shoot is held each year on the ground of The Royal Toxophilite Society, usually in August, where the main object is to demonstrate and encourage the study of equipment and techniques from times past in Britain and other parts of the world. The Annual General Meeting is held in March, also at the Royal Toxophilite Society.

Membership, which includes several leading museums and university libraries, is open to all interested persons. The present annual subscription is GBP 15, overseas members subscriptions vary. Please contact the appropriate representative.

Correspondence should normally be sent to The Hon. Secretary, or to the local representatives. Please mention this site when writing.

Hon. Secretary
Douglas Elmy
61 Lambert Road
North Humberside YO16 5RD

Local representatives:
Peter Rashleigh
43 Osborne Terrace
Plympton 5038
South Australia
Stefano Benini
Via Carlo Piscane 10
44100 Ferrara
Norman Graham
6302 Lovejoy Road
Michigan 48872
Bob Kooi
Galvanistraat 14
1433 MA Kudelstaart
The Netherlands
web: http://www.bio.vu.nl/thb/users/kooi/