Ten Basic Steps in Archery

The following sequence of figures shows the basic steps of shot execution. Although it is depicted as a sequence of separate events, you should execute these steps in one single smooth motion.
Also keep in mind that these are Basic steps, individual adjustments are possible, but these are usually given by the instructor/trainer.

This is a series of GIF-files, which are somewhat large, there was no way to get a better scan. Every page with the images loaded is less than 20k. The recommended resolution for viewing is at least 800x600.

These figures keep appearing from time to time at almost every club in Holland, so we thought we might as well put them on the Net. We do not know where they exactly came from and who made them. If you do know, please tell us so we can properly attribute these drawings.

1. Stance
6. Anchoring
2. Finger placement
7. Holding
3. Hand placement
8. Aiming
4. Bow arm
9. Release
5. Drawing
10. Follow through

Other tips for training

These are the basic moves to shoot an arrow, but in order to use it (or your personalised version of it) to become a great archer, you also need physical fitness and mental fitness.