The Archer's Gallery

This gallery is aimed at providing archers who frequent the archery newsgroups with a space to tell something about themselves and their archery. However, any archer wishing to tell something about him or herself is also welcome to do so.

Contact me if you have problems, because there is little I can do if I don't know there is a problem.

Simon Oosthoek

These archers have already set up a page for this gallery.

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Emily Mae Yap
(aka Emily)
(12 July 2014 at 14.37)
Emily Mae Yap
Giuseppe Reverzani
(aka Regius)
(9 October 2009 at 15.07)
Gallery page of Regius
Mati Lang
(26 March 2009 at 18.59)
Gallery page of Mati Lang
blah blah blah
Alessandro Manfroi
(aka Ale)
(25 Februari 2008 at 12.03)
Gallery page of Alessandro Manfroi
Me and my bows!
Simon Oosthoek
(13 December 2007 at 10.47)
Black is Beautiful
Webmaster of the Sagittarius Blackboard.
Murray Elliot
(12 December 2007 at 23.35)
The editor of archer's reference goes public
Lots of details, none of it important to anyone but me!
Carla Jean
(aka Carla Jean)
(20 November 2007 at 18.49)
Carla Jean
collegiate recurve archer NH, USA
Giuliano Cini
(aka wannetou)
(27 March 2007 at 20.19)
Gallery page of Giuliano Cini
sharing experiences
Hendrik Baeke
(aka Henk)
(8 Februari 2007 at 12.16)
Hendrik Baeke Archery Page
Tim Mason
(aka Mr Barndoor)
(5 Januari 2007 at 18.43)
Know-nothing crap shot
The power of positive self-talk...
Arrow Smith
(aka crosshairs)
(1 Januari 2007 at 10.44)
Arrow Smith a.k.a.
Martijn Wiegersma (St Sebastiaan Zwolle)
(14 December 2006 at 11.54)
Archery Stats of Martijn Wiegersma (Zwolle)
Zwolse Handboogschutterij St. Sebastiaan
Jose Magalhaes
(aka Magalhães)
(23 November 2006 at 14.44)
Gallery page of Jose Magalhaes
Onnekink Freddy
(aka kinky)
(19 November 2006 at 20.08)
Gallery page of Onnekink Freddy
Jim cook
(aka archer )
(30 September 2006 at 0.29)
Gallery page of jim cook
scottish archer
Pascal Lee
(aka pascallee)
(8 September 2006 at 9.51)
Gallery page of Pascal Lee
Pete Carney
(aka c3)
(27 June 2006 at 19.01)
Gallery page of Pete Carney
Gaia Banchelli
(29 May 2006 at 8.50)
Gallery page of Gaia Banchelli
Jack J. Zoutman
(21 May 2006 at 12.02)
Archery, the real thing !
De Gouden Treffer, Ruurlo / NL
Stephan Melin
(17 April 2006 at 21.09)
Still trying to shoot 1440...
Christian Deligant
(aka Chris)
(2 March 2006 at 16.07)
Gallery page of Christian Deligant
Glenn + Helga Schaefer
(aka gasman)
(20 October 2005 at 23.08)
Gallery page of Glenn + Helga Schaefer
Timo Rantanen
(aka timppa)
(8 October 2005 at 19.28)
Gallery page of Timo Rantanen
(aka Jimmy)
(24 September 2005 at 22.31)
Gallery page of brandon
(aka Lassen)
(18 September 2005 at 22.38)
Gallery page of Lloyd
T.L. Williams
(aka bombo)
(18 September 2005 at 5.34)
Gallery page of T.L. Williams
chris sainsbury
(12 August 2005 at 8.34)
archery kit
Barry Cottrell
(aka Barry C)
(30 June 2005 at 18.31)
Gallery page of Barry Cottrell
Tom Duncan
(aka Shirt)
(27 June 2005 at 14.08)
Gallery page of Tom Duncan
Claire Brockett
(8 June 2005 at 17.11)
Gallery page of Claire Brockett
jose Magalhaes
(aka mega)
(2 June 2005 at 16.09)
From Portugal !
(31 March 2005 at 8.32)
Minerva archery page of Italy
Mariano Ocampo
(aka Dr Fire)
(5 March 2005 at 0.37)
Gallery page of Mariano Ocampo
(aka hypertigger)
(18 Februari 2005 at 17.38)
Stuff and Nonsense
If you're really that interested
Jonathan Salisbury
(aka The JJ)
(29 Januari 2005 at 17.07)
Gallery page of JJ Salisbury
Nothing to see here
Mark Duane N Lu
(aka Don Juan)
(22 December 2004 at 19.02)
My Archery Page
Nothing But T E N !
Marty Sasaki
(aka marty)
(8 December 2004 at 16.18)
I used to know how to shoot!
The adventure begins again...
Steve Knowles
(aka Greyghost)
(1 December 2004 at 16.37)
Gallery page of Steve Knowles
Hazel Rosales
(aka HazeL)
(16 November 2004 at 5.47)
Gallery page of Hazel Rosales
the game with a bow and arrow...
Mark Robertson
(aka Mark )
(14 August 2004 at 16.54)
Archery Engineering
Manufacture of Archery Equipment
Miika Aulio
(25 July 2004 at 16.08)
Miika Aulio
Frédéric Bélanger
(aka Thormind)
(2 July 2004 at 5.53)
Cant wait to shoot again!
Paulo Jorge Santos
(aka Paulo)
(28 June 2004 at 12.48)
Gallery page of Paulo Santos
Portuguese Archer
Dominik Roehr
(aka Nik)
(25 June 2004 at 18.53)
Archer from Kiel, Germany
Still in the making...
Simon Verhoef
(aka Amarok)
(14 June 2004 at 12.53)
Aim Hard
Gayle Louise Opada
(aka gAyLe)
(14 May 2004 at 5.05)
a Hit or a Miss
Is Archery a Destiny?
Floris Bunskoek (St. Sebastiaan Zwolle)
(aka Hoyt team)
(10 March 2004 at 18.21)
Archery Stats of Floris Bunskoek (Zwolle)
Zwolse Handboogschutterij St. Sebastiaan
Mitya Vinytskyy (St. Sebastiaan Zwolle)
(29 Februari 2004 at 0.40)
Archery Stats of Mitya Vinytskyy (Kiev - Zwolle)
GuestMember of the Zwolse Handboogschutterij St. Sebastiaan
Lennart Proot
(aka Lethalis)
(27 Februari 2004 at 22.50)
Gallery page of Lennart Proot
Michael Vanhamme
(aka Hammie)
(24 December 2003 at 13.38)
Gallery page of Michael Vanhamme
William Lai
(aka Will (or billy))
(19 November 2003 at 16.38)
Gallery page of William Lai
Hey up me duck !
Friederike Schleuning
(aka Freddie)
(15 November 2003 at 12.29)
Gallery page of Friederike Schleuning
Boring for anybody but me...
Magnus Malmgren
(aka Mags)
(2 July 2003 at 9.42)
Go for Gold
Just a Swedish guy.
Ricardo Magalhães
(aka Magalhães)
(30 June 2003 at 16.29)
Gallery page of Ricardo Magalhães
Archer from Portugal
Edwin de Ligter
(aka Minotaure)
(31 March 2003 at 23.22)
Minotaure, the Amsterdam Archer
Webmaster of KNHS Concordia and FAce2Face archery
Steffen Frey
(aka TrainerS)
(3 Februari 2003 at 13.34)
Homepage of Steffen Frey
One of my favorite sports - Longbow - diving a.s.o.t.
Jim McPhail
(aka -Mac)
(26 Januari 2003 at 22.52)
-Mac's Gallery Page
Michael Chan
(aka Micky or Fangs)
(28 December 2002 at 2.59)
Gallery page of Michael Chan
Big is better than small...( arrows that is...)
Ewan Oughton
(18 December 2002 at 21.17)
Gallery page of Ewan Oughton
Regina & Walter Strohn
(aka diana1300)
(30 November 2002 at 13.45)
Gallery page of Walter Strohn
Compound Ladies & Compound Men
Jhoneil M. Centeno
(aka The Unseen Fist)
(4 October 2002 at 7.25)
Traditional Archery Matters
Miguel Angel Sevillano Martínez
(aka Mik)
(28 September 2002 at 20.12)
Gallery page of Miguel Angel Sevillano Martínez
Jack Flaharty
(aka a.k.a. Floxter)
(16 September 2002 at 2.54)
Gallery page of Jack Flaharty
Miguel Angel Sanchez Blank
(aka Blank)
(9 September 2002 at 6.58)
Gallery page of Miguel Angel Sanchez Blank
Shawn Foo
(aka Foo)
(26 August 2002 at 9.46)
Gallery page of Shawn Foo
Patrick Murphy
(aka PBM)
(21 August 2002 at 21.56)
Gallery page of Patrick Murphy
A FITA beginner -- no stars!
John Kearney
(aka John K)
(11 July 2002 at 15.19)
Gallery page of John Kearney
Marius Bester
(20 April 2002 at 14.28)
Gallery page of Marius Bester
Vittorio Frangilli
(12 April 2002 at 15.15)
29 Years of Archery, and still here!!!
Andres Ramacho
(aka casuy)
(19 March 2002 at 23.27)
Gallery page of Andres Ramacho
An archers life
(aka khokha)
(17 March 2002 at 23.23)
Gallery page of khalid
Badarul Hisam
(aka badman)
(22 Januari 2002 at 7.16)
badman's archery page
Jennifer Germaine Dy Chan
(aka Jing)
(5 November 2001 at 14.12)
Gallery page of Jennifer Dy Chan
John A. Blackwell
(aka Flash)
(8 August 2001 at 13.28)
Gallery page of John A. Blackwell
Another archer with a lust for astrophotography.
Ariel Que
(aka Airyell)
(4 August 2001 at 16.45)
what ever
Wilhelmina Tell
(aka Dutchgirl79)
(9 July 2001 at 18.27)
Gallery page of Wilhelmina Tell
barebow hunting
Juho Paaso
(8 July 2001 at 8.29)
Gallery page of Juho Paaso
Christine Kirchhof
(aka Chrissy)
(18 June 2001 at 21.13)
Gallery page of Christine Kirchhof
an excellent novice
Roy Dredge
(aka longbowman)
(30 May 2001 at 16.33)
YE Olde English Bowman
New to Archery
Rob DiStefano
(aka Rob)
(18 May 2001 at 14.02)
Archery Forever
Keep pulling string as best you can.
(aka TOM)
(3 May 2001 at 12.44)
Gallery page of Thomas GALLIFET
(aka greatplains)
(30 April 2001 at 18.07)
Ger Dooley
(aka Dark Archer )
(2 April 2001 at 10.13)
Gallery page of Ger Dooley
Archery an stuff
peter kort
(aka hoyty)
(2 March 2001 at 23.06)
Gallery page of peter kort
my devolepments
Cristian Brinck
(14 Februari 2001 at 4.49)
Delfos, Archery Club
Duane Hanna
(4 Februari 2001 at 20.54)
Gallery page of Duane Hanna
Speed freak or accuracy
Roleen M. Naguit
(aka owen)
(14 Januari 2001 at 5.28)
Gallery page of Roleen M. Naguit
Mark John Nacario Lu II
(aka M.J.)
(3 Januari 2001 at 19.12)
Gallery page of Mark John Nacario Lu II
Drums, Death Metal, and
Rens Boontjes
(aka Rensie Bono)
(31 December 2000 at 16.32)
The Field Archery Page of Rens Boontjes
Everything what matters with Fieldarchery.
(20 December 2000 at 1.53)
Hello from Alaska
Traditional Archery up here is a blast!
Kjell Harnesk
(14 December 2000 at 11.11)
Gallery page of Kjell Harnesk
Sally Morton
(3 November 2000 at 6.48)
Sally's Page
Thomas Duvernay
(28 October 2000 at 4.51)
Thomas Duvernay's Gallery Page
A dedicated member of Korean traditional archery
S. Leo Parrish
(27 October 2000 at 8.40)
Leo's Lurker Lounge
Jim Williams
(19 October 2000 at 14.17)
In Search of ....Lost Arrows
The Gallery Page of Jim Williams
william archer
(3 August 2000 at 9.37)
Scott Thomson
(aka Reg)
(27 April 2000 at 17.09)
Rantings of a mad man.....
em.....em.... not bad.
Steve Gullick
(aka Silas)
(25 March 2000 at 15.44)
Gallery page of Steve Gullick
kei shuen chan
(27 Februari 2000 at 20.16)
Gallery page of kei shuen chan
Jeneve Fern Aldecoa
(aka "Nev")
(26 Februari 2000 at 2.11)
Welcome to my page...
Roy Roland Flora
(aka Roybogs)
(22 Februari 2000 at 7.51)
Gallery page of Roy Roland Flora
Scot Mould
(22 December 1999 at 22.51)
Gallery page of Scot Mould
Wheelies away!
Alexis Vintayen
(aka ashvurn)
(6 December 1999 at 0.57)
My First Archery Page at Saguitarius
Great Archery page.....
Giovanni Cesaretti
(8 November 1999 at 15.02)
Giovanni Cesaretti - Barebow Archer
11/018 Arcieri Augusta Perusia (Italy)
Craig Troutman
(aka On Target)
(1 October 1999 at 21.28)
Gallery page of Craig Troutman
sam withers
(aka shorty)
(20 September 1999 at 7.11)
Gallery page of sam withers
(aka PABLO)
(30 August 1999 at 19.47)
Gallery page of PABLO GALAN
Alex McCombie
(aka BowCountry)
(28 August 1999 at 2.11)
Gallery page of Alex McCombie
Johnny Joe Phillips
(8 August 1999 at 2.07)
Gallery page of Johnny Joe Phillips
(aka TÚLIO)
(12 July 1999 at 22.02)
Gallery page of TÚLIO OTTONI
An Brazilian Archer
Federico Vera
(29 June 1999 at 6.16)
Federico Vera from ARGENTINA
(aka FRANK)
(18 June 1999 at 9.18)
Dennis Wulfers
(9 June 1999 at 0.35)
Homepage Of Archery Club Ede Xclusive
Joe Hahn
(aka TAZ)
(19 May 1999 at 0.50)
Gallery page of Joe Hahn
TAZ..rocking the 3D tournaments
Terry Watkins
(9 April 1999 at 1.53)
Gallery page of Terry Watkins
Pierre Lansac
(26 Februari 1999 at 0.42)
traditional and primitive archery
traditional and primitive archery
Robert Hajdek
(aka Buby)
(15 Februari 1999 at 22.52)
Gallery page of Robert Hajdek
croatian archery
Andreas Lorenz
(aka Andy)
(3 November 1998 at 17.00)
Gallery page of Andreas Lorenz
I am lefthanded...and proud of it!
Sergio Gomez montes
(aka pequeño)
(18 September 1998 at 14.06)
Gallery page of Sergio Gomez Montes
Jeffrey Glasberg
(aka Jeff)
(31 August 1998 at 15.41)
Gallery page of Jeffrey Glasberg
Jim Kingsire
(31 August 1998 at 5.34)
Traditional Archer
(aka Topaz)
(27 August 1998 at 19.38)
Gallery page of Gensen
Gareth Crowther
(aka Outsider/DX)
(1 July 1998 at 13.08)
Walter J. Ruchniewski Jr.
(aka Gator)
(16 June 1998 at 21.04)
Gallery page of Walter J. Ruchniewski Jr.
David Kenneth Mason
(12 June 1998 at 2.56)
the world on an arrow
World tour of archery and archers
Alan Stiles
(aka Al)
(13 May 1998 at 11.57)
Gallery page of Alan Stiles
Alan Stiles - Loughborough Uni. U.K.
Anders Isaksson
(aka Isak)
(9 May 1998 at 18.26)
Gallery page of Anders Isaksson
Th.H.J. Janssen
(17 April 1998 at 16.38)
Gallery page of Th.H.J. Janssen
Field Archery In Europe
Reynauld Greenleaf
(aka Little John)
(16 April 1998 at 15.12)
Reynauld's Place
Traditional Longbow Archer
Chris Shull
(aka The KID)
(14 April 1998 at 18.45)
Recurves rule, compounds drull.:under construction
Olivier PICARD
(7 April 1998 at 0.25)
Medieval Archery
Carlos Martins
(aka Caman)
(1 April 1998 at 18.54)
Gallery page of Carlos Martins
Daniel Perez
(aka Dan)
(11 March 1998 at 3.46)
A Primitive Sport in a Modern Age
My gear +cool info for coaching & shooting
Derek Seabolt
(aka Derek)
(25 Januari 1998 at 4.22)
Gallery page of Derek Seabolt
Northeast GA Archery Association
Jasper Dipaling
(aka Disor)
(29 December 1997 at 13.47)
Jasper Dipaling's HTML
My archery saga...
(7 November 1997 at 0.20)
Gallery page of shawn
Danny Kaye
(4 November 1997 at 14.20)
Gallery page of Danny Kaye
Lloyd Leo Badoy Omoso
(aka jong-jong)
(10 October 1997 at 16.05)
Marcel van Apeldoorn
(3 October 1997 at 15.16)
Ooo No, please not him again!
Neil Arvin R. Tia
(aka arfoo)
(30 September 1997 at 8.14)
Gallery page of Neil Arvin R. Tia
Afonso Loureiro
(aka Salvador)
(27 August 1997 at 20.34)
Gallery page of Afonso Loureiro
A page about Portuguese Archery
Richard Kutzky
(aka Robin)
(13 August 1997 at 1.37)
Gallery page of Richard Kutzky
James Dwyier
(aka Fletch)
(21 May 1997 at 19.55)
Gallery page of James Dwyier
Brenda K. Virden
(13 May 1997 at 17.56)
A new respect for the Archery field
A daughter working closely with her dad
Judith van Oven
(13 May 1997 at 12.13)
Gallery page of Judith van Oven
It's a men's world...
Dave J. Boers
(30 April 1997 at 15.53)
Gallery page of Dave J. Boers
Page of a Passionate Archer
Jon Coleman
(aka Tips)
(30 April 1997 at 20.28)
Mississippi Archery Madness
3-D Archery In Mississippi
Barrie Glasberg
(aka Barrie )
(22 April 1997 at 1.34)
Gallery page of Barrie Glasberg
Martin Foster
(aka Phanttom)
(25 March 1997 at 10.51)
Gallery of Martin Foster
John Mail
(aka John Macandrew)
(21 March 1997 at 7.16)
Gallery page of John Mail
Rogier Steehouder
(aka Radagast)
(11 March 1997 at 11.00)
Rogier's Archery Page
Erica Middel
(4 March 1997 at 21.03)
Gallery page of Erica Middel
Roman Shubov
(Fri Dec 20 22:05:57 1996)
Gallery page of Roman Shubov
Setting my cruise control on the road to GOLD!
Dave Munneke
(Thu Dec 12 18:01:03 1996)
Archers away.....
Angus Duggan
(Fri Nov 22 17:09:54 1996)
Home on the Range
Target archery and archery waffle specialist
Marcelo Müller
(Wed Dec 4 22:11:13 1996)
Crazy archer?
No, I am not crazy! I am a target archer!

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Created: 30 Januari 2007
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(aka Aubrey)
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(aka Alexis)
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(aka Javier)
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(aka Jayson)
Created: 17 Januari 2007
(aka Mason)
Created: 14 Januari 2007
Francis Raymond Burgess Jr.
(aka T.C. )
Created: 12 October 2006
(aka ale)
Created: 13 July 2006
Christian Raupach
Created: 28 June 2006
(aka BOY)
Created: 7 May 2006
Jeron Leow
(aka Triple X)
Created: 23 November 2005
Christophe Demeûs
(aka deecee)
Created: 28 March 2005
Jay Lyon
(aka Jay)
Created: 23 Januari 2005
Created: 23 Januari 2005
Chris Goodman
(aka Skippy)
Created: 18 Januari 2005
Chris Goodman
(aka Skippy)
Created: 18 Januari 2005
Marcus Anear
Created: 15 Januari 2005
Tor-Inge Bøe
(aka Torinb)
Created: 15 Januari 2005
Created: 27 December 2004
Ewan Oughton
(aka Renegade_archer)
Created: 3 December 2004
Steve Knowles
(aka Greyghost)
Created: 1 December 2004
(aka jay)
Created: 20 October 2004
tiara garrett
(aka teetee)
Created: 17 August 2004
Douglas Tan
(aka hwa)
Created: 5 August 2004

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