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Name:Mitya Vinytskyy (St. Sebastiaan Zwolle)

picture of Mitya Vinytskyy (St. Sebastiaan Zwolle)
WIETSE VAN ALTEN(r) and I (l) in the Archery Shop in Baarschot

In augustus - september 2003 I was invited by Dutch friends to stay a short period in Holland. On the 31th August I shot a Fita Outdoor Round in Boekel. The Dutch Compound Archer Peter Elzinga shoot there at that moment a 1400 Star !!! He was the first Dutchman who reach this increddible score. I had a score of 1255 point and get the Fita Star 1000, 1100 and 1200.
On the 8th of september I go with my Dutch Friends to an Archery Shop in Baarschot (you can find the link on this page). Thanks to Bonne van Enk en Martijn Wiegersma. The Dutch Olympic Archer Wietse van Alten (employee of the Shop) show and sell me a new pair of Hoyt FX-Limbs.
You can see that on the picture above.

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Best regards to Martijn Wiegersma, Bonne van Enk, Eugene D., Wietse van Alten and all other members of the Zwolse Handboogschutterij St. Sebastiaan in Zwolle (The Netherlands).

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