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I'm a convert. I used to shoot rifles. They're 2 totally different experiences for me.

About my shooting gear

My archery history

Thoughts on archery matters

Some of my favourite Webpages:

Creative Forum
Yes, these guys are from CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY. They make your soundcards, and they are archers.
Archery Forum
Aussies. They're closer to home.
Drool at our prices.
Pictures of mostly Asian girls. Hey! I'm a normal kinda guy~........don't worry, these are not porn.

People generally hate my guts. It's not my intention to piss them off. I find that most of the time they choose to piss themselves off. I only say what I observe, and I do not like to insist that I am right all the time, just that one has to win the argument with reason and logic to convince me to be on their side.

I believe this is of utmost importance in Archery. Don't you think so? @_@

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