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Name:Dave J. Boers
Type of user:I don't use the newsgroups because of lack of time :-(

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About my shooting gear

My archery history

Thoughts on archery matters

Some of my favourite Webpages:

Sagittarius Home Page
Very good page with LOTS of info and good links
Center for Mars Exploration Home Page
If you're interested in space travel...

My other interests (yes, I do have some other interests beside archery ;-) are:

- J.S. BACH's music: for his music is so beautifully composed of ingeniously interwoven musical threads that is is like life itself: it appears different and refreshing everytime you taste it.

- READING GOOD BOOKS: I would recommend:
* The Dune Series -- Frank Herbert
* The Lord of The Rings -- J.R.R. Tolkien
* The Feynman Lectures on Physics -- Feynman, Leighton, Sands


And as a last advise to all you Windows users I would like to say: get rid of it ... get Linux.

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