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This section is intended to provide you with a little more info on the form field presented to you when you build your page for the first time or modify it.

Please note that you can use HTML codes in (some of) the text-fields. Just remember that they won't always look good. It's your responsibility to keep it correct...


This section is intended to get some info about yourself.

Your real name:
Please fill in your real name. This field will be used for several titles and indexes.
Your nickname (or alias):
If you use a nickname in the newsgroups, you can fill it in here.
Your e-mail address:
The e-mail address where people can contact you. (Please make sure this is a valid address and that it's yours ;-)
Title of your page:
The title you want for your page. This will appear on top of the page and in the index.
Description for the indexpage:
A short description for your page. This description will appear in the user's index.
How you use the newsgroups:
Here you can describe (in a few words) how you use the newsgroups. For example, "just reading (a lurker)" or "only target archery contributions". This information will appear at the top of your page in a small table.

About your archery

Select a file to upload
If you have picture of yourself, you can upload it to the server and it will be appear on your page. To do this, click on the button. You can select a file on your filesystem to use. Double-click on the imagefile you want to upload. You will see the location of the file in the field next to the browse-button. You can also directly type in the location of the file on your filesystem.

The files should be either in .jpg or .gif format, as these are the only type (most) browsers can display inline.
The picture you upload should be less than 50 Kb. If it is bigger, the file will be rejected. Keep in mind that it is in your own interest to keep the size of the imagefile civilized!

As a guideline, use JPEG images, compressed with a Q factor of about 25-30. The width and height of the image not be to small and not too large (200-500 pixels each, depending on the image)

NOTE: Microsoft Internet Exploror 3.01 or below (and above?) don't support the file upload feature. There is a workaround, you can specify an URL instead, but for that to work you must be sure that the image is always available at that URL.
Not just because of this problem, the use of Netscape Navigator 3.0 (or higher) is highly recommended.

Current picture:
If you have already uploaded a picture, it will be displayed here.
Text to go with the picture:
You can type in an additional description to go with the picture you upload. It will be displayed below the image.
Archery equipment
Please tell something about your archery equipment. It is always fun to know what kind of equipment someone is using. You can not only list your bow, but include something about your sight, arrows, stabilisers, tab, sling, quiver, bracer, type of hat you wear, shoe size, etc......
Your archery history
Anything you think is interesting to know for others archery newsgroups readers or archers in general.
For example:
Archery matters
You probably have some views on archery matters like tuning, technique, rules, places to shoot, etc. This is the right place to put it.

About the newsgroups

Which groups do you read
Select which archery newsgroups you read on usenet. Click and drag with your mouse to make a selection. (You can select multiple groups)
Your thoughts on the groups and how you use them
If you've spent some time in the newsgroups, you've probably formed an opinion about them and the subjects regularly found there. This entry might even save some time for newbies ;-)

Some places on the web that you like to visit

The inevitable links section
You can enter up to four of your favorite URLs on this page. In the Name field, enter the name of the site, in the address field, enter the complete URL and in the comment field, enter your comment about the site.
Note: Always fill in a name for the site, without it, the link will be unusable!

Final comment

Anything else you would like to say?
Any wonderful thoughts or opinions that don't fit into the above sections can be put here.

When you want to change the color and image options...

HTML look

A few options for how the HTML will look
Here you can indicate how your pages should look regarding colors and backgrounds. Choose any of the combinations (and test them!) from the preview page.
As a word of advice, watch out for combinations of background and foreground colors. Dark backgrounds need light text-colors and vica versa. Remember that some people don't load images, so they will most likely see the background color instead of the background image. To make sure those people will be able to read your page, it might be a good idea to have the background color similar to the background image you've chosen.


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