29 Years of Archery, and still here!!!

Name:Vittorio Frangilli
Newsgroups:rec.sport.archery, alt.archery
Type of user:I read them every day since 1995, I contribute if I can..

picture of Vittorio Frangilli
I'm the one on the right, while on the left is my son Michele.
The picture has been taken in Eggenfelden in June, 1996.
Michele has won his first Gran Prix and I was a proud father, as well as the Italian Team Official.

About the newsgroups

About my shooting gear

My archery history

Thoughts on archery matters

Some of my favourite Webpages:

My Club Home Page
I put a lot of effort in it, so....
Its the best one !!!
The official site of FITARCO
European Field Archery Championship 1997
The Official site. I have personally done it, so it's wonderful by definition !!!

Archery is a small world.... let's work toghether to make it bigger !!!

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