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Some of my favourite Webpages:

Centenary Archer's Club
Arguably the best archery related site on the web for beginning, novice, and intermediate archers.
The Tackle Box:
Another excellent site. Don't miss it.
Angus Duggan’s Archery Resource
Don't miss Angus' musings about style, form, equipment and other archery matters.
The Yeti’s Archery Resource

In addition to the websites mentioned above, I have found the following books and videos to be most helpful in the pursuit of knowledge and skill:

"Thinking Body, Dancing Mind" by Chungliang Al Huang and Jerry Lynch.

In watching athletes like Kim Soo Nyung, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, all of whom seemingly accomplish extraordinary feats--on a regular basis, I've said "...These people know something that the rest of don't." They do. It's their mental approach to the sport. Huang and Lynch write about the "Tao of sports" and the "edge" that it can give even to us mere mortals. It is, I think, a must read for every archer, every athlete, and maybe every person.

"Mastery" by George Leonard (circa 1992).

The word archery does not appear in this little tome one time but it is a "must" read by serious archers. It is an excellent guide to the process of trying to master almost anything.

"The Simple Art of Winning" by Rick McKinney.

"Archery: Steps to Success" by Kathleen M. Haywood & Catherine F.

"Archery: The Basics" and "Archery: Refining Your Form"

A series of two videos by my Internet friend and world class archer, Ruth Rowe, that are well produced and give a good picture of "what to do".

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