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ACAL - Arco Clube Ar Livre
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Some of my favourite Webpages:

ACAL Home page
My club home page - it is under update

With the objective of getting Portuguese Archery known, i hope to give you info over the portuguese top archers.
Dedicate this page (still under construction) to my archery friends, and all my future friends.

The World and European Bowhunting Championship has just finished this weekend, and 3 of the new world/european champions are from my club:
Maria João Ribeiro (Adult Female Freestyle Recurve), Carlos Resende (Adult Male Freestyle Recurve) and Henrique Jourdan (Veteran Male Freestyle Recurve). We also had a 4th place with Liliana Cardoso (Adult Female Freestyle Unlimited) and a 5th place Renato Jourdan (Veteran Male Freestyle Unlimited).

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