Minotaure, the Amsterdam Archer

Name:Edwin de Ligter
Newsgroups:rec.sport.archery, alt.archery
Type of user:Read most of it and lots of other forums

picture of Edwin de Ligter
A picture as club winner in traditional Kingshoot 2001.

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About my shooting gear

My archery history

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Some of my favourite Webpages:

Website KNHS Concordia, Archery in Amsterdam, since 1848
The website of my club.
E-cards, hosted by KNHS Concordia
Archery E-cards can be found here!
Archery Forum, hosted bij KNHS Concordia
The new graphical Archery forum, come visit us and use your own avatar
Face to Face Archery
The F2F tournaments will be back!

"Door eendracht worden kleine zaken groot".

Visit the website of the KNHS Concordia. Here you will find lots of Archery information, Archery forum, Archery Chat, Archery E-cards and lots more. http://www.knhs-concordia.org

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