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Just look at that torque after the release, got to work on that too!

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I'm a political analyst by profession and live in a wonderfull town called Nelspruit in the North-Eastern part of South Africa. The main focus of archery in this area is hunting and 3-D shooting (but the latter mostly as preperation for hunting only). Pure target archery (FITA style) is something quite unknown in these parts. Not that it matters much to me, because I'm a firm believer in conservation through utilization and the bow gives me a wonderfull opportunity to do my part and have fun at the same time. As such I do not view myself as a trophy hunter, nor do I think I'll ever become one. Hunting to me means meat in the fridge as well as money spent on conservation.

To be in the bush and to enjoy nature is a big part of the archery experience to me, to stalk your game untill you are only a few yards THAT is a challenge!

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