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That's me shooting my old bow (YAMAHA A-EX with EOLLA Ceramic limbs.)
Note the string!

I used a Minolta 7000 which I wired up to my clicker. You might note the two wires coming down from my bowarm, and the piece of tape next to the button. Each time the clicker clicked, a picture was taken. I assumed that the delay in the camera would be the same (almost) as my reaction-time. A lot pictures got wasted because the camera was too fast, but I've got two of these, and some nice ones where you can just see the arrow.

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Some of my favourite Webpages:

No need to comment on the best archery-site there is
H.B.S. de Waert
Homepage I maintain for my club
Air traffic control research simulator
Here's where I work (at least my boss thinks I work here)

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