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These pictures were taken by Alan Hedley in Church Stretton on my 24th birthday (29 July 1996).

About the newsgroups

About my shooting gear

My archery history

  • Training
    Since I started working and also became chairman of Sagittarius, I have let my archery-form slip away a bit. I need to find a new rythm to fit archery into my new daily schedule. Now (Spring 1999) that I am no longer chairman, I can focus more on my archery. My form is pretty much messed up and it will take a while to find some new form that I can live with.
  • IUPL
    The past three winters, Sagittarius has competed in the IUPL, the Inter-University Postal League, organised by Cambridge University. (my current PB on the portsmouth is 579). Due to lack of time and motivation, we've stopped shooting in the IUPL.
  • Visit to Church Stretton four day double FITA in UK
    In the Summer of 1998, eight other archers and myself visited the UK on an archery holiday. We may have shot poorly, but we had a lot of fun. We're planning to go again in 1999, but with a smaller delegation
  • Thoughts on archery matters

    Some of my favourite Webpages:

    My Archerypage
    On this page you can read more about my archery equipment and scores, etc...
    Some pictures of the Christmas shoot
    I'll make a page of this event soon
    Some pictures of our indoor FITA
    I've started to write descriptive text with this....

    About the title

    Although I say, "Black is Beautiful", it is actually mostly an accident that most of my archery kit is black.
    My stabilisation was black, but then again, most are... My arrows were black (A/C/E only come in black) and my bowstand was also black. My quiver is black because my father couldn't get "cow" (black and white spots with hair!). And then my blue Royal broke just after we got back from France in the Spring of 1996 and I had to get a new bow.
    Black Beauty was the only bow that came close to my specs, so there I was with a completely black kit (except fot the pressure button, which was not available in black at the time).

    Only after all this, when I decided I wanted some arrows with the right spine for the winter, I wanted black (i.e. X7) alluminiums with black feathers to go with the rest of the kit.
    All things considered, I do like the fact that everything fits together like this, but I wouldn't pass up a bargain for a Purple Elan if I ran into it....

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