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Rather than post yet another Hoyt GM pic, here are some of my longbows instead. Top pic is the Blacktail Columbian along with some woodies, bottom pic is the Adcock ATD.

About my shooting gear

My archery history

Thoughts on archery matters

Some of my favourite Webpages:

Stickbow Target Archery Forum
Pure talk about all disciplines of target archery.
Archery Links
Great links - don't be without'em!
Making an endless jig & strings
Craft your own - it's really easy!
BCY Bowstring Material
Best Prices Anywhere!

Unless you truly are a world-class super-shooter with real potential (not just *think* you are!), don't take this game too seriously - make sure you stop along the walk to the butt to smell the flowers before scoring your arrows!

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