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Name:Stephan Melin
Type of user:My daily dose on archery until 1995 - now never read

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At the Samick seminar (Nov. 2000) - guess who is the best archer (ever) on that picture here. Hint: not the guy at full draw ;-)
P.S.: I got a much nicer looking bow now - 6 years on the seminar finally paid off :-)
P.P.S.: Contrary to popular belief, that people get fatter when getting older - I am significantly _LESS_ fat now! :-)

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Aquarius Archery Club
where I am shooting now
Koblenzer SG
where I used to shoot

90m 285 (1996, Koblenz, D)
70m 307 (2002, Wirges, D)
50m 301 (2002, Ampflwang, A)
30m 331 (1995, Koblenz, D)
FITA 1177 (2002, Ebersberg, D)
OR 605 (2002, Koblenz, D)
18m 546 (2000, Koblenz, D)
25m 553 (2005, Guildford, GB)
All regular tournaments/championship shoots.

Expect them to be blown away in 2006!

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