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If I could put a picture in here, it would have to be the
one of my Dad's first mounted javelina. A small one, but
the first... This javelina would scare the living day lights
out of us every morning, as he had it hung up above our steps.

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Some of my favourite Webpages:

It has such a touching write up on my dad and the accomplishments he has under his belt. There is a photo of the award winning elk he shot a few years ago..It takes up one of his shops' walls.

I never appreciated the idea of killing an animal for fun. My father
uses his meat from all the animals for a huge dinner every year. This
is a great practice as it is what the native americans did for hundreds
of years. Of course if you hunt a lot or have children that hunt with
you, this could end up being a lot more than you bargained for. Be

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