Sagittarius Picture Book

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Our Outdoor Range:

outdoor range

Our outdoor range is located on the Campus of Twente University, on the "old Calslaan". From the mark to the hill at the end, the range measures 100 metres. It is the only permanently available outdoor range in the region!
(on this picture you can see from left to right: Judith, Alban, Dave, Simon)

at target We use a Danage target (a kind of rubber foam, built up of smaller blocks) outside, because it is very light and easy to move from storage to the range.

aiming Judith, Dave and Alban aiming to shoot 70 metres.

Simon aiming Simon aiming to shoot 50 metres.

Dave A series of photo's of Dave on the outdoor range

Our Indoor Range: Arcadia

When we shoot indoors, we shoot in the basement of the CT building (Chemical Technology). Despite the odd flood a couple of times a year (when we are having a great thunderstorm) it is a very good accommodation for shooting up to 25 metres.

Here, you can see Simon practising not to laugh when someone is pointing a camera at you while concentrating.
(And, of course, this time trying not to shoot when the camera goes "Click" ;-).

We have a small area to do some bow and arrow maintenance:

Dave doing maintenance
(You can see Dave here working on a piece of gear)

Alban Alban and Simon at the indoor target. Simon

Bar At the bar, we relax when we are tired from shooting with tea and other beverages Judith at the Bar

Marcelo, coming from Brasil, has a nice picture of himself shooting in the tropical sun:

Marcelo in Brasil