The format of the Face-to-Face tournament consists of qualifying rounds shot within groups of six persons who take turns shooting 4x3 arrows against each other. The available time for 3 arrows is 90 seconds! (70 seconds green and 20 seconds orange light).

The winner of a set is awarded two points, in the event of a draw, each archer is awarded one point. After 5 matches the two highest ranking archers on setpoints go through to the next round. The rest of the participants for the next round is then selected from the remaining highest scoring archers on points.

48 archers start in the first round, 24 go through to the second round and 12 to the third round. 4 archers go then through to the semi-finals were 7 sets of three arrows are shot.

Ties are broken with a shoot-off of 1 arrow, the archer closest to center winning the set.

In the semi-finals and finals, each archer shoots all by him or herself, with everybody watching. Scores are called immediately by the judges, so the pressure is very high.


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