TOP Face to Face Tournament

December 8-10, 1995
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

For some years now, the TOP foundation organises an international indoor archery tournament. This year it was quite large, with archers from 19 countries.
Some members from Sagittarius visited this event. We were there on the Sunday only, so we just have pictures of the recurve finals, as the compound finals were held on the Saturday.

The format consisted of qualifying rounds shot within groups of six persons who take turns shooting 4x3 arrows against each other. The winner of a set is awarded two points. After 5 matches the two highest ranking archers go through to the next round. A third of the participants for the next round is then selected from the remaining highest scoring archers.
48 archers start in the first round, 24 go through to the second round and 12 to the third round. 4 archers go through to the semi-finals were 7 sets of three arrows were shot. The winner of a set is awarded 1 point, ties were broken with a shoot-off of 1 arrow, the archer closest to center winning the set.
In the semi-finals and finals, each archer shoots all by himself or herself, with everybody watching. Scores are called immediately by the judges, so the pressure is very high.

It was a day well spent, definitely worth the 5 hours we spent in the train. If you ever get the chance to come and watch the tournament or, even better, participate, don't hesitate. It is a well run tournament with world class shooting.
See you perhaps next time in Eindhoven, on December 9-10?

Some impressions from the Sunday.

3rd round Bisiani- v. Zutphen
3rd round, Matteo Bisiani (ITA) vs Freddy van Zutphen, 118-117
Magnus Petterson's Browning, including bowstand (sorry...swing-bar ;-)

Warm up for the ladies semi-final: Natalia Valeeva vs Katarzyna Klata, Valeeva won 4-0

First semi-final Magnus Petterson (SWE) left vs Wietse van Alten (NED), 4-3
Second semi-final Matteo Bisiani vs P. Szymczak (POL) 4-1

Warm up for the gents final. Matteo Bisiani vs Magnus Petterson, 3-4.

The winner in Eindhoven: reigning world indoor champion Magnus Petterson from Sweden.

The winners in the women's division: from left to right: K. Klata and V. Kolesnikova (3rd), E. Sadovnichaya (2nd), Natalia Valeeva (1st).

The winners in the men's division: from left to right: Magnus Petterson (1st), Matteo Bisiani (2nd), Wietse van Alten and P. Szymczak (3rd)

At the end, we got a chance to try out Magnus Petterson's bow. Here you can see Dave having a go. The bow is not only heavy in draw weight, but in physical weight as well. He really has big lumps of metal on his stabilisers.


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