Monday 18 March

Final preparations

Most of the day was spent making the final preparations for the trip. Judith and Simon went shopping for sustenance and thermos bottles for the next day. In half an hour they had made 3 loafs of bread into 3 bags of sandwiches (that proved to be a little bit too much (about 1 loaf)).

In the course of the afternoon, the last Dutch archer, Robert Erica, arrived. Christel and Geert would travel by themselves to France, the rest would travel by minibus leaving from the University of Twente

We had dinner at the mensa and afterwards went to the sports centre where we would meet up with Joke Rosier, from the national student's sports association (SSWK, which is a subdivision of NSSS). It took a little longer than expectedand and I was getting worried that, after all, I would have to go in my old Fiat, of which I really wasn't sure it would make it. Fortunately, this was not necessary. Joke had just had some trouble getting the right minibus. The minibus had not been returned on time and, besides this, she had ordered an extra long minibus to fit all our gear in, but it almost went to somebody else. After everybody had introduced themselves, we loaded the minibus and went to bed early, as we would leave at 04:00 A.M. the next morning.