Sunday 24 March

Back home

All good things must come to an end.

Breakfast as usual, although some of us and Simon in particular didn't eat that much, he was feeling 'kinda rough'. Simon only now felt that he had sprained his ankle while 'dancing'. It must have been the effect of the alcohol wearing off. Judith and Dave also had some trouble getting into gear.
I did feel some after effects, but did not feel too bad. Jeroen also didn't seem to be too affected by the previous night's adventures. He even survived all the cheese. The others had gone to bed earlier, so they had no problems.

Simon's condition on the Sunday morning.

After breakfast we loaded the minibus. The Belgian team had left a note (in Dutch!) on the bus wishing us good trip back.
We said goodbye to Christel and Geert and left for Holland at about 8:30. The trip went well, other than that it got colder and colder as we got closer to Holland, there isn't much to say about it.
Back in Enschede, at bout 19:00 h, we unloaded the bus, and Joke, Albert and Robert left quickly to drop Robert off at the Railway station, as he wanted to get an early train to get back home. He didn't get home until 22:00 h, so it wasn't that early.
Jeroen and I went for chinese food and we had a relaxing meal at Simon's place.

It was a memorable experience, we all learned a great deal from. We would like to thank our officials, Joke and Albert, for their efforts to make the trip a success. It was!
We would also like to thank the SSWK for sending the Dutch team, even after there were some misunderstandings in the preparations. I can assure that the experience gained by most archers will pay off in the future.
Personally, I would like to thank the SSWK for letting me travel with the Dutch team and allowing me to keep costs low.

Of course, I thank all other persons and organisations not mentioned here that contributed to making the Championships a success.
I hope the next Championships in two year's time attract more delegations, to make it an even greater succes. A good start has been made!

Marcelo Müller