Tuesday 19 March

Travelling to France

After a short night, we assembled at Simon's place, loaded the remaining bags and food and left 5 minutes ahead of schedule: 03:55 A.M., a good start.

The trip went well, although at a certain point I wondered if somebody had been holding the map upside down and we were driving to Lapland, as in Germany there were still quite a few patches of snow. In Luxemburg we had a slight delay as the computer program used to plan the trip sent us into Luxemburg city, where it was rush hour. After this it was straight to Lyon, or, to be more precise, Vaulx-en-Velin, a suburb of Lyon, where the Championships were to be held.

We arrived at the 'Palais des Sports' in Vaulx-en-Velin at about 2:30 P.M., making it a 10.5 hour trip. Not bad.

Our arrival was somewhat chaotic. We had to report to the organisation and it took some time to make clear that there were two delegations, the Dutch and the Brazilian. It was decided that we would go our separate ways. It took about two hours to go through the formalities: receiving an information pack, paying for the stay and being accredited by the international student sports federation (FISU).
As this was taking too long, the others went ahead to the hotel we would stay and checked in. They also did check me in.

There were a few nations that did not show up. A large delegation from the Ukraine could not come, as well as archers from Germany, Malaysia, Central Africa and even Irak. Apparently this was not due to reasons connected to the sport.

14 countries took part. There were 21 women recurve archers, 35 men recurve, 10 women compound and 18 men compound archers.
Because of these numbers, only the men recurve had a full 32 archer's final. The other disciplines started at either 1/18th finals or 1/4 finals.

In the meantime, we had also been introduced to our two interpreters, Katja from France and Els from Belgium, two language students at the local university.

After accreditation I also went to the hotel and found out that I was sharing a room with Jeroen. Only later we realized that this was quite unusual: two countries sharing the same room! After a quick shower we went for dinner in the mensa. There we met up with Christel and Geert, the two remaining members of the Dutch team.

After dinner, we discussed the details for the following day and went to bed early.